Periodontal Surgery

Osseous or periodontal surgery is necessary if we exhaust all other treatments but deep gum pockets remain around your teeth. These pockets quickly build up plaque.

Bone destruction continues unless the pockets are made shallower with a procedure that allows the doctor access to your roots and bone. These shallow pockets are the key to keeping your teeth because the hygienist is able to clean out the bacteria that can reinfect the root. Long-term studies have proven again and again that patients with shallow pockets who stay on the recommended recall almost never lose teeth to gum disease.

Do not be lulled into thinking you are healthy if your gums don’t bleed. Bleeding gingiva is a sign of “gingivitis,” a reversible gum infection. If you have deep pockets, you have “periodontitis” and surgical intervention is crucial to the management of your disease, even if your gums never bleed.

Fortunately, modern techniques such as lasers and minimally invasive surgery make these procedures much more comfortable than in the “old days.” You can drive yourself home after the procedure and be back at work the next day. No need to fear!

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