Laser Surgery LANAP / LAPIP

Since 2009, Fetner & Hartigan have been offering laser procedures and achieved pretty astonishing results. The LANAP procedure has allowed us to save teeth that would have been truly hopeless without this new technology. Now it is possible to grow bone in some periodontal defects without the use of bone grafts or membranes. The LANAP procedure involves no cutting, no sutures, and virtually no discomfort.

Growing bone around implants is now possible using lasers and the LAPIP technique. It is a wonderful thing to see a tooth or implant that was slated for extraction become healthy and stable with such minimally invasive and comfortable treatment.

We have treated hundreds of patients using the laser in the last several years. Remarkable results can be achieved in many cases, and this can be a clear alternative to conventional periodontal surgery. The remarkable part of this approach is the comfort of the patients. We have also been using lasers in conjunction with conventional surgery, which results in faster healing and a comfortable post-op period.

Part of the LANAP procedure is scaling and root planing and occlusal or “bite” management. The success of your procedure depends a lot on the meticulousness of the root cleaning and the precision of your bite. We pay close attention to every aspect of your treatment to make sure your outcome is the best it can be.

If you smoke, you may not be a great candidate for laser treatment alone. Smokers show incredible improvement at first, but often relapse at a much higher rate than non-smokers. We politely urge (beg!) you to quit prior to your surgery.

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