Cosmetic Procedures

No need to look “long in the tooth” with new aesthetic procedures!

Soft Tissue (gum) Grafting

Having exposed roots can be painful and unsightly. In some cases, teeth and implants can be lost from the migration of the gum tissue down the root. The doctors here at Fetner & Hartigan can match your particular needs with a variety of techniques using your own tissue or off-the-shelf products.

There are minimally invasive techniques similar to the Chao Pinhole® technique, which can cover roots routinely. No need to fear these procedures as they are very predictable and the most common procedures we do, even on children!

The cause of your recession will always be explored. It is usually anatomy or some type of trauma which initiates it, whether from improper brushing or toothbrushes, orthodontics, grinding and clenching, or even your bite being “off.”

Over the years, we have learned that implants, too, sometimes need grafts because they lose tissue over time. If you have implants, it is important to have them closely examined and cleaned at least yearly by an expert to determine if grafting is needed. Once the tissue around an implant becomes too thin, it is easy for an infection to start. Many implants have been lost because of this easily preventable situation.

This is a before of a recession site.
A connective tissue graft was used.

This is the result at two months.

This is a two-year followup. This method allows the most aesthetic and stable outcomes.

Aesthetic “Gum Lift”

If you hesitate to smile because your smile is too “gummy,” or maybe your teeth are short and you would like to have a more adult-looking smile, there are simple procedures with very little down time that can help you get that movie-star smile.

Uneven tooth heights can ruin the results of even the most beautiful crowns or veneers. If you are anticipating any new crowns or veneers on your front teeth, a minimally invasive plastic surgical procedure that sculpts your tissue can powerfully enhance your final result.

Prior to the procedure, we work closely with you and your general dentist to plan your smile. We listen carefully to your concerns and desires. If you do not currently have a general dentist, we work with many very talented dentists in all parts of town and we would be glad to recommend one to you.

These procedures are done with local anesthetic and take about an hour, and you will be able to return to work and normal activities the very next day. There is virtually no post-operative discomfort.

This is a before and after of an aesthetic surgical procedure.

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