Why Choose Fetner & Hartigan?

First of all, “WE SAVE TEETH!” We built our reputation for the last 30 years on our patient-centered philosophy. Many times patients come to us after being told their teeth are not savable. As periodontists, our training makes us experts in maintaining teeth whenever possible. Conservative treatment means conservation of teeth!

At times, it may become necessary to replace teeth. Our practice has 60 yeears of combined experience in all phases of implantology. Drs. Alan Fetner, Mary Hartigan, Michael Fetner, and Alex Fetner are husband, wife, and son, and all board-certified periodontists. The practice was started in 1988 by Drs. Alan and Mary, who were practicing general dentists for five years before they obtained their periodontal specialty degrees.

Their son Michael joined the practice in 2013 after completing specialty training at the University of Florida. He won the prestigious Richard J. Lazzara Fellowship in Advanced Implant Surgery in 2013. Alex joined the practice in 2017.  He practiced general dentistry for three years prior to his periodontal residency.  He has lectured at dental conferences and study clubs about periodontal health and bone grafting. 

In addition to warm, expert care, we offer all the latest technology, including minimally invasive surgery, minimally invasive implants, “Teeth Before Lunch,” LANAP, laser periodontal surgery, cone beam technology, oral medicine, pathology, implants, sinus lifts, and all cosmetic gum procedures. Our family motto is, “Do more than is expected.”

Why have a periodontist place your implant?

If you still have your teeth, periodontists are experts at saving even “hopeless” teeth. We also have the training and 30 years of experience placing implants, and, just as importantly, maintaining them. Fetner & Hartigan stands behind every implant we place.

Because we place so many implants, we offer multiple systems from top-quality companies. We have a huge inventory so you will get exactly the right implant for your situation. We also work with very talented dentists, so your final result will be comfortable, functional, and beautiful!

Serving Our Community

At Fetner & Hartigan, we feel very blessed and have always felt compelled to “pay it forward” whenever we can. Here are a few of the ways we try to repay the community and the profession in thankfulness for what we have been given!

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