sedation options

Sedation Options

No-Fear Sedation Options

There are three types of patients who need sedation for dental care: the Little-Bit Scared, the Really Scared, and the REALLY, REALLY Scared! No worries! We have solutions for all of you.

Level I

For the Little-Bit Scared, we have TVs in the ceiling, massage chairs, and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). We use the Wand (we call it the magic wand!) to get you numb. Many people never feel the injection at all.

Local Anesthesia: the (Magic) Wand and Laughing Gas

Let’s face it, one of everyone’s worst fears the “shot.” We get it. At Fetner & Hartigan, while we can’t promise you’ll love getting local anesthesia, we can promise we do everything in our power to make you more comfortable.

First, we use plenty of topical (gel) anesthetic and we wait for it to work. Then, we use the Wand to administer the anesthesia instead of the big, metal syringe.

Local anesthesia has changed signicantly since the development of the Wand. We have used this machine exclusively since 2001, and it may be the most important and beneficial device we have ever used to improve the part of dentistry patients complain about most.

The Wand is a computer-assisted machine that administers local anesthesia through a disposable tube and a very small needle. Additionally, it controls the rate of the anesthetic delivery with the purpose of minimizing patient discomfort. Patients often comment after we use the Wand, “What did you just do?” They were not even aware they got a “shot”!

We also have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available in every room. If you have never tried this, you will be amazed how effective it is at  relaxing patients and reducing discomfort. Nitrous oxide is extremely safe and inexpensive, and has no residual effects once the machine is turned off. You will be perfectly fine to drive home (assuming you have a license, of course!)

Level II

For the Really Scared, we can prescribe an oral medication that may also be combined with the nitrous oxide, if you wish. You will be able to walk and talk, but you probably won’t remember the procedure later. Patients are very relaxed but not unconscious. Most patients describe the experience as “I know where I am but I really don’t care.” You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. We will prescribe medication that you will take 1 to 2 hours before the visit. You will need to have someone drive you.

Level III

For the REALLY REALLY Scared, we can use I.V. sedation. This safe procedure will most likely cause you to sleep through the procedure. You will not remember the treatment that day and you will need a driver.

This is not general anesthesia, so you won’t have to be intubated. The medications are safe and easily reversed. All the doctors and staff have extensive training to ensure your experience is pleasant AND safe.

Feel free to talk to us about this and the options available.

Serving Our Community

At Fetner & Hartigan, we feel very blessed and have always felt compelled to “pay it forward” whenever we can. Here are a few of the ways we try to repay the community and the profession in thankfulness for what we have been given!

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