meet dr alex fetner

Meet Dr. Alex Fetner

Dr. Alex Fetner graduated from dental school in 2011 from the University of Florida. He practiced as a general dentist in Chicago and Jacksonville prior to returning to the University of Florida for his Periodontal residency in 2014. He returned to Jacksonville in 2017 to join Fetner and Hartigan.

Dr. Alex has lectured on multiple topics, including the link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease, as well as bone grafting for dental implant treatment. His Master’s thesis was based on his research about a type periodontal disease that affects adolescents, particularly those of African descent. He prides himself on compassionate and conservative care for his patients with evidence-based treatment.

Dentistry runs in the family, and Dr. Alex is continuing the tradition: he is married to the wonderful Dr. Jackie Dorociak, a general dentist in Jacksonville. He loves food, reading, woodworking, running with his dog, and being a Periodontist!

Serving Our Community

At Fetner & Hartigan, we feel very blessed and have always felt compelled to “pay it forward” whenever we can. Here are a few of the ways we try to repay the community and the profession in thankfulness for what we have been given!

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